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The amount donated will be used to set up and run an Usha Silai School in a rural area and includes all expenses that go into training of 1 woman over a period of 7 days. The woman will also be given a Start-up kit consisting of a foot operated Usha Sewing Machine, sewing and stitching syllabus in vernacular, training material, service manual, certificate and an Usha Silai School signage. You can also opt to contribute towards helping out more than one woman. To know more please visit

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Everyday USHA Silai Schools are helping hundreds of women in sewing and entrepreneurial skills and thereby changing their lives. You can now contribute towards the opening of an USHA Silai School or support various other aspects of the school.
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Financials (Cost Break up):

The setting up cost per Silai School is approximately Rs. 17000. Cost break up is given below.

Particulars Amount (Rs.)
Start up Kit Machine Cost (Tailor Deluxe Incl VAT) – Rs 3,550 Course Booklet – Rs. 250Training Recall Booklet – Rs. 50School Board – Rs. 650Transportation of Sewing Machine/Booklet – Rs. 500               5,000
Travel Cost (Trainers)                  890
Training Material ( Cloth, Scissor etc)                  600
Boarding and Lodging (Trainer)               1,200
Misc. Exp.(Certificate Printing, Inauguration Expenses)                  500
Total               8,190
NGO Cost (Monitoring cost, Boarding & Lodging  of NGO team and women entrepreneurs)               8,810
Grand Total            17,000

Get to enjoy the ANJANISEN, Main Camps

The SBMA campus is situated in Anjanisain, Tehri (Gharwal). The campus consists of various areas like Agriculture & Skill Development Center, Weaving & card unit, Training, Offices, Hostel, SBMA hospital and the Environment School.

We are fully capable to honor your workshop, meeting, training, health stay etc etc.


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