R T I and Dissemination

Result of Right information and Dissemination


Rashi denizen of district Uttarkashi, Uttranchal, is a young girl of 16 years, belongs to an agricultural family. She couldn't pass the 10th grade exam. A common reason for dropping out from school was that the education of girl child is not in the priority of her parents and is not a good investment as she will be in her laws family after marriage. So they didn't allow her to attend the school. As Rashi is eldest among all brothers and sisters, her parents planned to get her married. They fixed her marriage with a boy living in a near by village. Rashi was also happy with her parent's decision, as she was not aware about the consequences of getting married before 18 years of age.

Rashi's best friend Meena was out of village for last 15 days. She was studying in class 11th. When she came back to the village and heard about the marriage of Rashi, she was shocked. She went immediately to Rashi and asked her about the marriage & its consequences. As Rashi had attended adolescent empowerment camp organized by Shri Bhuvneshwari Mahila Ashram, she was aware about the right age of marriage and the disadvantages of being married before that age. She shared all the information with Rashi and convinced her for not getting married at this age. They both went to Rashi's parents and tried to convince them but the parents didn't agree. But the girls didn't stop to convince other community members. They went to some of the adults of village and discussed the matter with them. Meena discussed about the right age of marriage for girls and the complications of early marriage with the village people in MMD meetings and adult consultations. The villagers were impressed with her arguments and agreed to talk to Rashi's parents. They talked to Rashi's parents and made them aware of not marrying Rashi before 18 years of age. The parents also became ready and the marriage was postponed. Now, at present, Rashi is preparing for her high school examination and she is very happy. When we discussed about her future, she told that in future she wants to be a teacher. She considers this " A GIFT from True Friend" as an opportunity to grow & flourish and make her career. She also wants to lead a self-dependent life in future.

This all could happen only due to the firm determination of Meena. It was great to see that she has this tremendous excitement about making her friend's life better.

(The real names of characters are confidential as they requested us to not disclose their names).

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