(This is a presentation made by Kunti Rawat, the President of the Furkenday village Bal-Panchayat. Furkenday is in the SBMA/Plan Gairsain PU. Kunti came to the ashram for a Rights of Children Workshop in which 151 children from 77 villages participated.)

On the 6th of June 2001 I went to Anjanisain and this was my first visit to Sri Bhuvneshwari Mahila Ashram. There , Mohan Bhai and Sudhir Bhai told us about children organisation. After attending that camp when I went back to village I told to the children of my village about children organisation. I also talked to their parents but they did not understand the Idea. Elder children and their parents asked me, "What can you do? There is nothing in your hands?"

Then I talked to smaller children and they liked the idea. We formed our Bal-Panchayat. Slowly- slowly the elder children of the village have started joining our Bal-Panchayat. Children organised a campaign in the village about cleaning the village and all the members of the Bal Panchayat cleaned the main drinking water sources. We told to our parents about the diseases that happen due to dirty water. Now the women group of our village, locally known as Mahila Mangal Dal, cleans the water sources frequently. On the 31st November and 1st December we organised an awareness program and performed street play, songs and dances related to personal hygiene, sanitation, and environment degradation. Our organisation also helps our parents in organizing ceremonies such as marriages, MUNDAN and cultural events. And we have earned money, our organisation has now 3000/- Rupees, which we have received as public contribution during culture programs and managing the ceremonies.

Once, the time came when our regular meeting stopped. People of our village were in conflict and it affected the minds of children. Children lost their interest. At this time SBMA/Plan workers Mahavir Bhai, Rajeshwari didi, Manvendra Bhai and I talked to children, and we were again united. At present we have 40 children in our Bal Panchayat.

When Pratap Garhwali Ji was in Ghandiyal he suggested to us that we should have a children organisation at the cluster (group of villages) level, so that messages can reach many children and children can form their Bal Panchayat with the help of cluster level Bal Panchayat. We formed a cluster level Bal Panchayat. But at present it is not working well and after going from here I will work on activating this organisation.

Bal Panchayat Farkendy is able to achieve following with the collective children efforts:


  •     Organised a campaign on having a clean village.
  •     Cleaned drinking water sources.
  •     Made efforts to open a Balwadi (pre-primary education center) and now we have it in our village.
  •     Formed cluster level Bal Panchayat.
  •     Organised a people awareness program.

Children implemented a supervisory role in managing ceremonies and we have controlled the incidents of losing/missing things such as glasses, plates, thalis, etc.

Our Bal Panchayat has earned a reputation and Gram Pardhan and other institutions, i.e Mahila Mangal Dal (women Group), listen to us and extend their kind support.




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