In village Jakhni, Smt. Sangita Devi, 22 years, w/o Sri. Pradeep Kumar, started getting labor pains on 9.10.04. It was her first delivery, labor pains remained for more than 24 hours regularly. But, family members and village people were not ready to send her to the hospital anywhere. The family members and old people of village started worshipping, saying that "God will come and delivery will happen". Pregnant lady was crying due to pain. The CHV Jakhni, Sri. Harish Kumar couldn't see this, as he had obtained knowledge on delivery, safe motherhood and neonatal care during the CHV training. He immediately informed the family members about this and suggested them to take pregnant lady to the ANC, District Hospital, Gopeshwar. He also told about the harms that can occur to the mother and the baby, if not taken to the hospital on time. It was very difficult to convince the family members for taking the pregnant lady to the hospital, but finally he got success.The family members agreed and the pregnant lady was taken to the ANC, District Hospital, Gopeshwar. As a result, Sangita Devi gave birth to a healthy baby "Nisha".

If Harish wouldn't have taken initiative, a big tragedy might have happen.

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