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People Health & Community Education Center


SBMA looks at health not in isolation but rather in an integrated manner. Observing the context of the mountains, where there are numerous problems, it is very difficult to intervene, whether government or non-government. It is imperative that we collaborate with the community, the panchayat government, as well as the NGO's. This was the impetus behind the creation of the Jan Swasthya Evam Lok Shikshan Kendra (People's Health and Community Education Center) and a panchayat resource center under one roof. We want to make panchayats a platform through which we can launch our health programs. Agriculture and animal husbandry are typically seen only in the context of livelihood, but SBMA integrates them, LLH (livelihood, livestock and Health), believing that careful livelihood and livestock can lead to better community health.

This talk of creating a model Jan Swasthya Evam Lok Shikshan Kendra (People's Health and Community Education Center) is not only concerned with curative aspects but also the promotion of preventative health. Our strategy is to work with the community to monitor and evaluate the process of planning and implementation. It will also set a good example for the health policy makers to see what can be achieved when the community and health professionals work together.


This will be a center where all information will be available related to all government health policies programs, systems, curative and preventive techniques etc. The community, government, voluntary organizations or any one can easily avail this knowledge and information and take steps to disseminate them in their areas. Moreover the health policies that are prepared restrict itself to the level of intellectuals and key professionals only and are not simplified for any nonprofessional to understand it. Hence this center will also be a platform where these policies will be simplified and made understandable to the community. The people can discuss on the policies and programs and then can share their opinions and viewpoints with the government

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