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Jai Prakash Panwar (Jaypee)

jpThis is Jayprakash Panwar; you can call me “JP”. I born and brought up in the beautiful mountain village of middle Himalaya, which is a northern part of India. The beautiful and natural Himalayan environment has a great impact on my life and creativity. I did my schooling near my village and after that; I completed my graduation from nearby university called H.N.B. Garhwal University. I completed my master of Anthropology and one year bachelor of journalism. Writing, poetry, paintings, illustration, sketching and photography was always being my passion. I was the student editor of my university magazine (Nirjharni) for two years. This was a good platform for creative students and for me it may be the first learning of new media as we were using the computer based designing and layout.

During my university days, I was also working as a freelance feature writer, journalist and photographer and earning money to continue my education as my family economic condition was not so sound. My university life was much tough and full of adventures. Due to writing, journalism and photo features in different news papers and magazines, latter on people started recognizing me and they started inviting me to participate on their ventures and events. In this way, I come across with variety of dimensions of life and society. I always wanted to work for television and radio in India but at that time only government owned system existed and there where no other electronic media in which I can try to join.

After completion of my study, I joined a voluntary organization called Shri Bhuvneshwari Mahila Ashram (SBMA) and started development communication work by using different media technology to disseminate massage and building awareness among mountain communities of Himalaya. It was a great platform for me to work and get experience in different development media practices right from conceptualization, writing, designing, illustrating, sketching, and photography to production and dissemination.

Despite all that, I was also coordinating and managing the community development projects. I worked ten years in SBMA. I was looking for pure communication and media work which I always passionate about, one day I decided and took leave from my old organization and established Channel Mountain Communication (CMC), which is an integrated communication organization working in film, television, radio, print, website, media events and consultancy services. CMC is the first who introduced digital working facilities in my state. So far CMC has produced 40 Radio programs, 20 Radio Add zingles, 60 Documentaries, 2 Films, 3 Music videos, 3 Add films 2 Audios, Two dozens publication and many media events and campaigns.

After joining Center for New Media Arts, as student I got an understanding that CMC some how is a new media arts organization. I found this abbreviation in new media study, which perfectly fit with my organization as computer mediated communication (CMC) and now I am certain that it is a new media arts organization after having this new concept of New Media (Digital technology). I would like to mentioned here that before going to Australia, I have never received any formal computer training, filming and camera, editing etc from any institution, All I did my own by failing and passing technique, but keep practicing and self learning. My life always has many folds, after three years of CMC; fortunately, I received a prestigious Ford Foundation International Fellowship to pursue my second master of New Media Arts (Specialized in Digital Film Production) at the Centre for New Media Arts at the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia. I have produced this slogan for my new venture in future “NEW INDIA - NEW MEDIA”. Good luck everyone for your creative endeavor.

Jayprakash Panwar's Brief Profile
Jayprakash Panwar is a communication anthropologist, an IEC and documentation specialist and a frequent mountain visitor. He has experience of more than 15 years in freelance journalism and social sector. JP is a professional writer and editor and contributed in around 2 dozen books, magazines and news letters, 1000 articles and photo features in national media. He has an experience of script conceptualization and directions in more than 60 documentaries, films, short films, advertise films, 50 Radio programs and visual documentation of many organizations including government as well as non-government.
He is an alumnus (Master of New Media with specialization in Digital Film Production) of the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia and a recipient of Ford Foundation International Fellowship. He is also an alumnus of India Fellowship Program – India Alumni Network (IFPIAN), New Delhi. Currently he is a managing director of Channel Mountain Communication (CMC).

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