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“USHA Silai Schools” aims to empower a village level woman entrepreneur to teach sewing to village women within the community space providing opportunities to grow and evolve.  The school is operated and maintained by a Woman Entrepreneur responsible for operation and maintenance of Usha Silai School and is willing to teach women to sew. SBMA and USHA have implemented 70- silai schools in Uttarakhand since August-2012 and progressing further ahead.


Current Strength of Schools (Number of Schools)

  1. Gairsain & Surrounding Areas-    10
  2. Uttarkashi & Surrounding Areas-    10
  3. Rudraprayag  Grass Area-    10
  4. Bageshwar in Simar Area (Garod)-    10
  5. Champawat Kagas Area-    10
  6. Almora with SUDHA-    10
  7. Nainital with Vimarsh-    10



USHA "Share your Love” Campaign

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