Movements lead by Swami ji

Chandrabadni is a temple that stands at 8000 feet on the mountain of Chandrakut just a few kilometers from where the SBMA campus is now located. Legend has it that Shri Shankaracharya was so impressed by the area here that he set up a 'peeth' at Chandrabadni. According to another…
The Silkot Tea Estate was established during the British Raj. The tea estate sprawls over 346 acres and was used to grow tea to supply the neighboring states. Along with the tea plantation the estate was comprised of a large forest, which three villages were dependent on for their firewood…
Swami Manmathan was a social crusader from Kerala who formed a passionate commitment to the progress of people in the mountain area of Uttarakhand. For years, he fought alongside the people of Garhwal, spearheading movements and working for change. After 15 years of wandering the hills, he settled down to…
Before the 1970's the status of education in Uttarakhand was poor at best. Few basic schools for secondary education were available, and students had often unmanageable distances to cover in order to get to class. These distances were generally to long for girls to travel, because of safety issues and…

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